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PPC Reveal: Skyrocket PPC With Competitor Google Ad Data

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Competition is fierce. PPC campaigns are tough. Who do you target and how?

What’s your strategy? Better still, what’s your competitors strategy? Are they crushing it while you’re left in their dust? Why are they so successful and you’re struggling?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have a window into what the other guys are doing? I can show you how, without any black ops, hidden microphones or Watergate scandals.

Let me show you how to skyrocket your PPC with help from your competitors by giving you an open look at their Google ads. Information advertisers would never show you.


Good. Let’s get busy!

Why PPC Matters

PPC ads target a hyper-specific audience that increases brand awareness and helps achieve marketing goals. The beauty is once they visit your page, they’re information is stored and can be remarketed and retargeted in numerous ways. It’s a great way to increase conversion rates.

The best part of PPC is you don’t need SEO to get started. Set your budget, bid on your keywords and off you go. SEO takes time to rank and gain traction. Campaigns can start right away and have immediate results., if your copy is good and the page converts.

The Nitty Gritty

I made it sound pretty simple, right? I think we both know it’s not.

PPC campaigns take effort and a whole lot of research.

The keyword analysis alone is crucial. Then, you need to bid for them. You might have a good idea of the cost, but no one has a crystal ball. Some times you get lucky and hit the mark. But, what if you miss?

PPC ads can add up pretty quickly if you don’t convert.

No worries. There’s a tool at your disposal that can make the entire process easy and effective.

PPC Reveal: Your Window Into the Competition

PPC Reveal is a program that let’s you see what your competition is saying and when they say it. It’s a PPC analyzer that breaks down ad campaign data.

This amazing software searches Google for your competition using your keywords in the locations you value the most. See reports listing all of the competition (your real competitors) for your keywords and where they’re located.

Additionally, you can see how competitors frame their offers, giving you valuable insight in how to manage your PPC ads and copy.

Curious about which keywords fired the ad, where they showed up and how often? No problem for PPC Reveal. Plus, you get critical reporting on how many ads and advertisers are bidding during certain hours of the day to give you a competitive ad scheduling advantage.

Want an inside track on how much keywords will cost? PPC reveal can help with that. Get data on the number of times an advertiser showed up for specific keywords. The more times, the higher the cost. This insight improves ad strategy for targeting alternative keywords and hidden gems that the competition leaves behind.

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It’s called Show “Business”

I think we all know the next line.

Let’s take a deep breath and look at this logically.

You need to be successful or your business fails. If your business fails it will affect a lot of people. Why take chances? PPC Reveal is your opportunity to skyrocket your PPC campaign to the moon. No joke.

Consider this; if any one of your competitors had an opportunity to sink your business or save it, what would they do? Competition is tough. Chew on that for a bit. But, don’t wait too long!

No Crystal Ball Needed: Bright Future Ahead

Can you see the possibilities in front of you?

Picture this; you bring PPC Reveal into the picture and suddenly, you’re finding keyword opportunities you never thought were there. Suddenly, click rates start climbing. Instead of budgets increasing, you’re actually saving. You can actually keep the same budget but your PPC campaigns will be hyper-focused and more efficient.

It must be nice to be the office hero. Am I getting ahead of myself? I don’t think so. How about you? Take advantage of this golden opportunity. If you want, give it a try and kick the tires, for FREE. Give it a trial and prepare to be amazed.

Skyrocket your PPC campaigns with PPC Reveal, see your competitors Google ad data, roll up your sleeves and get to work. It won’t be that hard now.

What are you waiting for?

Click on this link then type PPC into the search bar and check out the incredible offer!

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