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No matter the business, we all strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings. But how do we go about it? Usually, it involves a team solely focused on resolving customer issues promptly—lots of calls, phone tags, and endless emails.

The problem is even after countless back-and-forths, you still don’t know precisely what the customer needs because they didn’t fully explain the issue or there’s a miscommunication along the line. Plus, consider the added expense and downtime involved with this process.


But what if there was a foolproof way for the customer to demonstrate their issues quickly and effectively without misunderstanding, saving time and money? There is. It’s called is the latest and the best customer service tool your business will ever need.

Let’s review this new tool and learn how it can skyrocket your customer experience and grow your business.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: How Customer Service Affects Your Business

According to Forbes Magazine, 80% of customers trust brands more when customer service solves their issues. (CGS via Forbes article).

60% of consumers feel they communicate with separate departments, not one company. (Salesforce via Forbes).

62% of businesses don’t respond to customer service emails (Superoffice via Forbes).

61% of consumers have hung up the phone mid-call with a representative due to frustration (Netomi via Forbes).

A whopping 65% of customers needed to follow up more than once to get their issues resolved (Netomi via Forbes).

Finally, and the most important one, 94% of consumers state that video support is a positive experience (Hubspot via Forbes).

There are many more statistics to glean from the Forbes article, but the bottom line is customer service is crucial for becoming a successful brand. Review: What It Is and How It Works

What Is is a video customer service platform that allows customers to record videos of their questions or problems from any device and submit them for review.

This tool is so unique because there’s nothing for the customer to download or sign up for. Recordings can be done directly from a browser, making the entire process fast and effective.

How Works touts a simple 3-step process for the ultimate customer service experience:

  1. Businesses place a link in a button or tab on their website or select integrations like Slack and Zendesk. Customers simply click the link when they have an issue, question, or complaint.
  2. Customers can then make a video from their computer browser (front screen of selfie) or cell phone (by scanning a QR code) describing the issue or complaint. When the video is complete, simply hit the upload button and send it.
  3. The business then receives the video and begins the customer service process. All of this was completed without any sign-up or downloads and without the need for any technical knowledge.
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What Does

The company states you’ll slash chat times by 5x by replacing text-based conversations with video. 

They promise 10x greater customer satisfaction and customer engagement. 

You can set up team access from the dashboard and see a list of all stored videos making it much easier for customer issues to get to the right person to resolve. 

Marketing and Internal Operations can be used internally for collaborations and marketing. Related videos can be sent to team members or freelancers for faster, more efficient communication and optimized project results.

Branding and Logos

Upload your company logo and tweak link color combinations for an optimized branded experience. 

Make the customer service process simple and more professional with video.

Is Free?

Yes. The free version is limited, but here is a breakdown of the pricing: Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, it’s worth it. There is no downside to this format. It’s clean, simple, and easy to use. Customers get their stories out with clearer messaging, and the customer service representatives better understand the client’s needs.

This platform will streamline customer service requests, improve response and success rates and ultimately improve UX (user experience).

Crush Customer Service in 2023

There you have it. Videosupport.oi is the next-gen custom service platform of the future. The numbers tell us that consumers overwhelmingly prefer video support over text and phone communication.

Gone will be the days of confusing emails and endless lost calls. One platform with one simple solution for all of your customer service needs. No messy downloads, no technical jargon, and no downsides.

Are you ready to take your customer service to the next level?

Get ready. Your business is about to skyrocket customer satisfaction and put you head and shoulders above the competition.

Start for free today!

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